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Because your Lady Bits deserve self-care, too.


Hey there, my name is Jasmine and I'm excited that you're ready to pamper your lady bits!  

The idea for Lady Bits was born in my waxing studio, Charm City Waxing, when my clients began asking what they should use on their intimate area to prolong their waxing results. Being a licensed esthetician with a sexual health and wellness background, I got to work creating a line of products that would not only prolong their waxing results but also gently cleanse, prevent infections, prevent ingrown hairs and blackheads all while being vulva and vagina friendly. 

Since then, it has expanded from just soaps and exfoliants to include an entire array of self-care items for 'down there'...and even a cute mug too. 

Lady Bits is Proudly

Lemon Soap


Hip Hop Girl

Cruelty Free

Black Woman Owned & Operated

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